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Neo-Generalist Citizen Devloper

Jim Canto

I'm an idea guy, a strategist, SaaS/PaaS experimentalist, and a gritty bootstrapped Micropreneur. I believe "Community" is the Internet's fundamental core value proposition. Impact Enterprises, Social Businesses, Social Selling, etc., all have their roots in "Community" and "Community Management." At the other end of every online connection is a person. Ignore at your own peril.

Trial and error, in concert with my diverse professional background, has given me tremendous insight. I have been openly experimenting with SaaS, PaaS, Social Community Platforms, and Social Media since early 2007. I'm fascinated by the sociological implications of an online, always connected lifestyle as wells as the tools and platforms that facilitate it. The R&D in me loves to put different tools and platforms together to creatively solve problems.